. bear king
bear king


My friends started up a Minecraft server running Pixelmon recently. We’ve been building our own mini-region, and even making our own Pokemon Trainer skins for NPCs. I designed our Professor! She specializes in biome ecology and carries around a diamond pickaxe. 

The true Minecraft Pokemon Professor.


EYYYYYYYY, I’ve hit 430 followers and decided to do a give away!

First things first: Rules

1.you MUST be following. I DO check who is following me should they be one of the winners. With that said, Please please PLEASE don’t follow me just for this giveaway. I am mainly a frozen blog with the focus on Prince Hans. I’ll reblog some Borderlands and other movies and stuff too, but just fair warning to new followers. It’s not fair to me and i hate to clutter dash’s with stuff that people don’t like.

2. Only ONE, and i repeat, ONE like and ONE reblog. This is long, there’s no need to create clutter and from previous experiences, multiple likes and reblogs hardly do anything to increase chances of winning. Please don’t cheat.

3. Must be okay with giving me your address for shipping purposes should you win

With that said, here’s what you can win!

1st prize: You’re choice of a Disney Frozen doll. Hans, Elsa, Anna or Kristoff, officially from Disney (may not be from the disney store cause hey, i don’t live near one! But I promise you it will be the disney version and not Mattel), OR I will buy you a copy of ANY GAME up to 50 bucks for your choice of system.

2nd place: Your choice of anything from the gearboxsoftwarestore. Cannot exceed 30 dollars. OR anything from the disneystore so long as it doesn’t exceed 30 dollars.

3rd place: Your choice of claptrap figure, either blue, Jakobs, or gentleman’s. OR you’re choice of the customizable frozen mug, just let me know which picture you want on it.

If you are following me and win, and none of these sound appealing to you, please let me know! I am fairly good at working with the winners to make them happy and get them what they want! Good luck and thank you all for sticking around!!

Edit:// HEY GUYS I FORGOT  TO PUT AN END DATE ON THE GIVE AWAY! It will end Aug. 31st. winners will be decided the following day by a random organizer.

A heartwrenching re-creation of famous Kaidanovsky centered fanworks, two cosplayers bring to life some of Pacific Rim’s most beloved side characters.
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Dad and I were talking while I played Saints Row and he heard Viola and said “Where have I heard that voice?”
So I told him it was Sasha Grey. A look of understanding came upon him, followed by horror.
In that terrible moment, he knew that I knew who Sasha Grey was, and I knew that he’d seen some of her work.

To this day, we refuse to acknowledge the exchange.

Saints Row, bringing families together. <3 <3 <3

lays down on the floor face down

i am lonely and sort of sick and worry about too many things and sad for no particular reason and want to go be alone even though i’m lonely i never understand that feeling

i want things to be good and well and right

i’m sorry for being so quiet around here lately

just bluescreened hard and got this
i have absolutely nothing in ths rig overclocked

anyone up for some cards against humanity?

my boyfriend’s got access to decent net so i’ve been playing with him for a couple hours, been his first time playing and we’re not quite ready to stop even tho its just four of us left


the password is 123

worst post-infusion ever so far

my bones feel like fragile and like theyre splintering inside me they feel like they’re just a collection of thin shards barely held together and then splintering all over again repeatedly every one of them i dont even want to move and its at its worst in my shoulders and arms

i feel great otherwise like really great but this is pretty incredible pain

if you want a dork in your tomodachi life game i finally did a qr code of my mii

i come with a cool room, dorky catchphrase, nice hair, and a fairly fitting outfit and the year you want for me is 1991





angry speedpainting. my rendition of an “Ursa Major” if it were an actual bear. this wasn’t even well thought out at all (hence it having multiple constellations on it rather than the typical uh.. big dipper), but i don’t really care.

oh my gosh look at it ;u;

That’s beautiful.

is this you ???

wuhh this is gorgeous i want to be it