Gumshoe appears in more cases (23) than any other character in the series, followed by Phoenix Wright (20), Miles Edgeworth (18) and the judge (17).

gumshoe has been in phoenix wright: ace attorney more than phoenix wright has been in phoenix wright: ace attorney



Tired Newt is tired and finds the first place he can too pass out. Hermann doesn’t seem to mind that the kaiju groupie chose his lap.

our drive home ended up somehow taking a total of 9 hours instead of 6, even though traffic wasnt too bad.

rolls around

god fuckin bless the hotel staff for bringing ice water down the line for dan green
i was like fucking going to pass out, its hot as shit. fuck outside lines.

My phone has been fucked all day and suddenly my connection works. Aint complainin, too busy but! Here have a pic of my bf and a shitty selfie of me, we’re gonna do Newt and Hermann mostly it turns out. don’t persnally have any of us together, atm
Such a good trip so far c:
Shit that I’ve only got the weekend. Going to miss Vash so much fuck me

We’re passing through Cincinnati and there is a very large fire? Uh. Wow?

heyhey I’m checking out now!

I need to finish packing, then I’m getting up at 9 to take care of the last few things needed (hair cut, last thing for cosplay) and then we’re off whenever that’s finished up

I’m going down to visit my boyfriend and then we’re going to MTAC. We’re going to be cosplaying Hermann Gottlieb (me) and Newton Geiszler (him) together, a pair of L4D hunters, and possibly his Saints Row Boss and me crossplaying as Kinzie Kensington

I may post a little bit from my phone but if I do it won’t be much, plenty of other things to be occupied with.

I’ll be back late on Sunday \o/ You guys take care k? k. Don’t let the internet catch fire and burn down while I’m gone.


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these assholes


these assholes